And this is why we can’t have nice things.  Because of entitled brats who think it’s all theirs, all the time, just for the having, in any way they like.

It particularly hurts in the case of Holi, which is a festival I would LIKE to share with others; but when so many of them think “share” means “grab and mangle”, it’s just not possible.

It’s like if I bake a cake, and there’s no fun in eating cake alone, and I want to share it with some friends, and some stranger waltzes in, goes OH HEY CAKE THAT WOULD BE AWESOME WITH LSD, smooshes their fist into it, grabs a handful while reducing the rest to a mess, and smears it all over their face, and goes “Well you were going to share, right?”

It just gets to the point where it’s less painful not to have cake.

^This is an excellent metaphor.

Ha, agreed, great analogy.

It’s not like they couldn’t have gotten away with just calling it a paint fight or something but noooo it’s not *fun* and *quirky* and *free-spirited* unless they’re appropriating

fucking boring douchey white people

no fuck it i am reblogging this again and with hate

seriously what the fuck is up with white people and their creepy habit of stealing aspects of our faith and culture and then turn it into drug induced bullshit

you don’t give a shit about Hindus when we want more presence in society

you laugh at us and belittle us when we talk about want some more public acknowledgement of our faith

you don’t allow us to facilitate spaces where we can understand our own faith

you’re not there for us when we’re discriminated against

you think we’re irrelevant when it comes to discussions on religion and philosophy

but no


when shit looks bright and shiny to your pasty vision of the world, you fucking steal and disrespect it

fuck you

all of you

Dear White people:

Mayor Mills would like to say …

What do you expect? White people have stolen treasures from our lands, plundered our lands, raped our women and children, banned our cultures (such as martial arts and classical dances), mocked our religions, and criminalized our communities (such as certain tribes and lower castes). So why am I not surprised that a bunch of fucking privileged white hipster douche-bags have now stolen Holi to turn it into a whitewashed thing for dumb white bitches.

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